Outdoor Fireplace

There is no outdoor feature that centralizes a designed space better than an outdoor fireplace. A warm and inviting space that friends and family can gather around. The backyard fireplace comes in many shapes and sizes. At Backyard Living we have a large selection of wood burning, gas and propane powered fireplaces. Each one has their own specific strength and purpose. We can help you select the best fireplace for your budget and needs.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Our wood burning models offer the experience of real wood and fire burning. You can feel the warmth of the fire and smell the wood as it burns evenly in the fireplace. Each of our wood burning models is designed to keep your wood burning and offers instruction for easy set up and lighting of your backyard fire. Enjoy the summer nights around an authentic wood burning outdoor fireplace from Backyard Living.

Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Our selection of gas powered fireplaces offer you the convenience of easy starting and even burning flames. There is nothing easier or more beautiful than a gas fired fireplace from Backyard Living. Enjoy your company without having to stoke and keep your fire burning. This is a non smoke experience that keeps the conversations going even when the outside breezes blow your way. We are experts in Outdoor Gas Fireplaces. Stop in today.

We provide one stop shopping for your outdoor living area. Come and visit our indoor and outdoor showroom at 340 Brockton Ave in Abington, MA. We supply wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, outdoor pizza ovens, high end grills, ovens, smokers, refrigerators, cabinetry and more to residents on the South Shore.

We service the following cities and towns:

Outdoor Fireplace Abington, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Braintree, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Bridgewater, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Brockton, MA., Outdoor Fireplace East Bridgewater, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Hanover, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Hanson, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Hingham, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Holbrook, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Norwell, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Pembroke, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Randolph, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Rockland, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Stoughton, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Weymouth, MA., Outdoor Fireplace Whitman, MA., Outdoor Fireplace South Shore, MA.