Patio Heaters

Add a touch of elegance and warmth to your outdoor room with our high end patio heaters. Our patio heaters are not only practical but creative works of art. See columns of flame shoot up as it heats your outdoor area in a 360 degree radius. Tall and exquisitely built you need to see these high end heaters for yourself.

Our Patio Heater Brands

Our Lava Heat Italia’s brand comes in table top size, compact large and 8 foot tall versions. Lava Lite’s© omni-directional “Column of Flame”© patio heater puts out an impressive 56,000 BTUs. Relax in the cozy warmth of its 360-degree distribution of heat in a 5 ft. radius. These come with easy one button start as well as temperature control. All Lava Heat Italia units have the Safe-Tilt Switch that shuts off unit automatically if its vertical position is compromised.

Visit our showroom

Visit our outdoor showroom to view our high end patio heaters. You can also see smokers, BBQ units, pizza ovens and more. Talk to our outdoor specialists and order your patio heaters directly from My Backyard Living. Located in Abington we are a leader in MA and RI grill, smoker and BBQ supplies.

We service the following cities and towns:

Patio Heater Abington, MA., Patio Heater Braintree, MA., Patio Heater Bridgewater, MA., Patio Heater Brockton, MA., Patio Heater East Bridgewater, MA., Patio Heater Hanover, MA., Patio Heater Hanson, MA., Patio Heater Hingham, MA., Patio Heater Holbrook, MA., Patio Heater Norwell, MA., Patio Heater Pembroke, MA., Patio Heater Randolph, MA., Patio Heater Rockland, MA., Patio Heater Stoughton, MA., Patio Heater Weymouth, MA., Patio Heater Whitman, MA., Patio Heater South Shore, MA.